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We help health plans unlock personalized engagement for every healthcare journey

Combining human-to-human interaction with sophisticated technologies, we provide a high-touch, deeply personalized concierge service that supports employers’ workforce along their healthcare journey.

More than healthcare navigation

With breakthrough clinical integration unmatched in the industry, we do more than the typical health navigation and engagement platforms.

We proactively address members’ benefits and clinical needs, guide them to high-value care precisely tailored to their condition, and accelerate their adoption of your most valuable health and wellness solutions and tools.

Best of all, we do it with you and within your plan — so your members will thank you, not us.

Meet every member’s care needs

Our team provides members benefit guidance, addresses their clinical needs, and navigates their healthcare journey.

Frontline advocacy and navigation ease experience
  • Concierge service for healthcare needs
  • Eligibility and benefits guidance
  • Provider selection, navigation, and appointment scheduling
  • Care management referrals
  • Billing and payment reconciliation
Nurses available 24/7 address urgent medical concerns
  • Symptom triage
  • Preventive care and education
  • Needs assessment
  • Navigation to optimal settings
  • Care management referrals
Care management guides members to better health
  • Holistic care coordination
  • Synchronization with existing
    care management programs
  • Customized care and action plans
  • Medication adherence
  • Health coaching
  • Post-discharge follow-up

Unprecedented outcomes

With Health Guide, you achieve results higher than the average health plan.

80 NPS

Compared to <20
for average plan


More clinical goals


More likely to engage with care management

Success stories: Marisol

“Exceptional, reassuring, compassionate help”

“Having a chronic illness and immunosuppression, managing my healthcare needs during the coronavirus outbreak seemed like an enormous task. I would like to express my gratitude for the exceptional and professional help I received from my Health Guide nurse manager. Her assistance was reassuring and compassionate, and I was able to obtain a resolution to my issues in a timely and effective manner. My heartfelt thanks.”

– Marisol C.

Success stories: Allison

“So grateful to my health plan”

“Sean was very professional and helped guide me to what I needed to know before I made my decision to see a specific individual to help me during this period of intense anxiety and helplessness. I am so grateful that my health plan employs the help that Sean gave to me today.”

– Allison M.

Success stories: Paul

“Extraordinarily helpful”

“I had a lot of questions about an upcoming procedure, including whether facilities or physicians were in network, and Joshua was extraordinarily helpful. He provided clear answers to each question, many of which required some deeper digging to figure out. Even as I added more questions during the conversation, I always felt that he was entirely focused on resolving my queries no matter what.”

– Paul P.

Success stories: Edna

“The answer to my prayers”

“You, Gloria, were the answer to my prayers yesterday. I was feeling overwhelmed with all of the new responsibilities I’ve had to take on since my husband’s stroke, and some days I didn’t know which way to turn. After talking to you, I felt my body relax, I felt my shoulders drop, and I let out of a big sigh of relief. I appreciate you.”

– Edna Z.

  We’re built different

Blending our team of advocates with our advanced technologies enables you to deliver experiences that employers and your members haven’t had before in healthcare.

Technology that actually closes care gaps

We’ve invested in and built a technology platform that leverages advanced analytics, enabling us to identify, actuarially validate, and prioritize the highest-value care gaps.

Most importantly, we do this with you and within your own ecosystem so you can leverage your high-value solutions.

People that give members answers, not homework

Our team delivers a concierge service that members experience often with high-prestige consumer brands – but rarely in healthcare.

And unlike other platforms, we foster uninterrupted collaboration between clinical and service teams to resolve members’ needs to completion.

Clinical expertise that can guide any member

Our clinical team of registered nurses is supported by a multidisciplinary team, ensuring members personalized support, no matter their condition.

We also proactively identify and predict care gaps and risk of unnecessary ER use, as well as navigate members to optimal care.

Scale that precisely meets today's expectations

Built for a global tech giant and other marquee employers, Health Guide has scaled exponentially.

We’ve amassed claims data and insights from more than 8M members over 10 years, assuring you swift implementation, unparalleled algorithmic precision, and the one-to-one engagement today’s members demand.

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