Owning the member experience with Health Guide's advocacy and navigation platform

Client insights brief

Facing rising pressures, our health plan clients doubled down on member experience and clinical care engagement to differentiate and grow their business. Learn why they chose Health Guide’s platform, and see the outcomes they’ve achieved.

A more complex market

For decades, our progressive health plan clients have provided members affordable health benefits with access to leading providers.

However, the plans’ markets have been changing rapidly.

The number of competitors has multiplied, and an increasing number of health tech vendors are aggressively marketing directly to employers.

Both of these changes have created significant challenges for our clients—but also opportunities.  

New demands, new opportunities

In this landscape with new competitors and market dynamics, our clients faced the possibility of having member engagement carved out piece by piece from their contracts. And their members faced an increasingly fragmented and confusing array of health and wellness tools.
Our clients acknowledged that to truly own the entire member experience and win new business, they would need an engagement platform with next-level advocacy, service, and clinical support.
They also had to respond to employers’ demands for easier access to existing programs to improve outcomes, an enhanced benefits experience, and lower costs.

In sync: the strategy and the solution

Our clients knew they needed to tailor advocacy and navigation services to members and carry out three strategies for employers:

Provide exceptional experiences

Increase the use of health and wellness solutions

Manage employees’ acute or chronic conditions

To help them execute, the plans selected the Health Guide platform because it’s proven, it’s at scale, and it quickly creates a large base of passionate, thankful members

They also saw our technology’s unique ability to address one of the most difficult challenges in healthcare—care gaps. Our advanced analytics and algorithms have empowered the plans to proactively identify care gaps among their members and automate triggers so our teams can help close the gaps while speaking with members in real time.

Finally, our clients recognized the importance of an advocacy and navigation platform with capabilities that could vastly expand their vison of member engagement, including:

  • Specialized programs for diverse constituencies and members with complex or chronic conditions
  • Management of behavioral and social determinants of health
  • Scale that spans all member groups, not only national accounts
  • Multi-carrier innovation that provides one unified advocacy service

Since leveraging Health Guide, our clients have been able to re-invent their member engagement strategy based on their member and business needs, not the limitations of their engagement technology.

Health Guide works within the plan’s strategy and ecosystem, which is a key advantage. The plan is able to wrap all their benefits, programs, and point solutions around the member. They are empowered with a solution whose top-tier service, preventive-care capabilities, advocacy, and navigation work harmoniously with their own infrastructure rather than being forced to adapt to ours.

- Valerie Yonkofski, Senior Vice President, Health Guide

Outcomes that build loyalty

Since integrating Health Guide within their enterprise, our clients have seen significant results, winning marquee employer accounts and achieving engagement and clinical outcomes rare in the industry.


Net promoter


Care gaps


Program referrals to facilitate well-being


Average annual  productivity savings for employers

“A tremendous asset to my health plan”

I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful my experience with my Health Guide Breontae was this morning. She stayed with me through the entire process and made sure that I was able to get the authorization for my CAT scan and that the appointment was scheduled. Health Guide is a tremendous asset to my health plan and was not only helpful in rectifying my issue, but making me feel supported through the entire process.”

- Jessica F., health plan member

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